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Baby Sitting Liability Insurance for In-Home Day Care

Baby Sitting Liability Insurance
Large day-care centers are becoming out of financial reach for the average working parent. As fuel prices rise it seems as though everything is being affected. The cost of Child Care is no different. The overall price tag to raise a child and to place them in a daycare center nowadays has been steadily on the rise for more than a decade.
According to CNN Money, The cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 for a middle-income, two-parent family averaged $226,920 last year (not including college), according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That's up nearly 40% -- or more than $60,000 -- from 10 years ago. Just one year of spending on a child can cost up to $13,830 in 2010, compared to $9,860 a decade ago.

The early years are among the toughest for parents who must find a way to afford all of those costs, plus child care.

"It takes half of my paycheck to pay for my child care -- you start to feel like, Is this even worth it?" said Anna Aasen, a mother of two from Roseburg, Ore.

Although housing generally represents a family's largest expense, putting more than one child in day care tips the scales.

This is why parents are turning to in home baby sitting services. Parents find out they are able to afford in-home day care and have money left over at the end of the week. They also feel less concerned for their child's safety. However, there is one thing that parents still expect an in home baby sitting service to have.  Baby Sitting Liability Insurance.
Simply put, a homeowner still needs to have baby sitting liability insurance for in-home day care just in case one of the children are injured while in the sitters care.
Most homeowners have liability insurance, but if they are babysitting in their home, even for just one child, then they need to have baby sitting liability insurance for in-home day care providers. By adding this type of insurance the homeowner is being responsible and accepting the fact that anything can happen to a child while in her care.
Every adult knows that babysitting a child in the home means the child will have access to every room in the house which could result in an injury. This is why having Baby Sitting Liability Insurance is so important.
Since children are known to explore and try new things no matter how well the babysitter tries to keep an eye on them at some point there will be a mishap. If the child becomes seriously injured the friend whom you were babysitting for could sue you for personal injury to their child. By having baby sitting liability insurance you will not have to be concerned about losing any of your property because the insurance company will pay for the injuries for the child.
Though serious accidents do not often happen in any type of day care setting by baby sitting at home with no insurance coverage, you are putting everything you own at risk. Remember that your typical homeowner policy will not cover an accident that occurred within the home day-care center. So be sure to have baby sitting liability insurance before you open the doors to any child you will be babysitting.

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