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Ohio Child Care Assistance Title XX

Ohio Child Care Assistance Title XX
One of the biggest problems any single parent faces is child care. Today, more and more married couples find themselves dealing with this tough situation, especially if they are low income familes. Now there is help. It is called Ohio Child Care Assistance or Title XX.
At times the problems incurred by the difficulty in finding affordable home care, can cause a parent to want to give up on the idea of finding or getting a job.
But there are options and the very best of these in the state of Ohio can be found at the department of Job and Family Services.
Often, parents stop looking for work or decide not to continue with their education because of a lack of childcare options. In truth, there are very adequate options in the  state of Ohio, but many parents just don’t know where to go to find them.
As a single parent, even one who may work at home or goes to school, you should know that the state of Ohio can help with child care expenses.
However, options vary and are dependent on the income you make, whether you are considered low-income, and whether you are a single parent or not. So each individual case must be analyzed individually.
The best place to start is by calling the Department of Job and Family Services (CDJFS) in your community. The county family services employee can inform you of the programs you are eligible for, which can either pay child care services in totality or partially.
This department can also inform you of special school aged programs like after school programs, head start or other services which you are eligible for. If your child is not school aged, there are still options available including full coverage of a home provider (either a relative or non-relative.)
Of course, in most cases you can expect to pay for part of the expenses of child care. This is called a co-payment or fee, but the state of Ohio will also help you with part of this fee. The amount you are expected to pay will differ and be dependent on your income and whether you work or go to school.
In the case of students who are currently on Ohio Works, formally known as OWF, ADC or welfare, you could still be eligible for child care, but must be actively enrolled in a school program.  
Those parents who no longer receive OWF cash assistance, or who have never been on the program can still receive help through the child care program, if they meet the low income requirements.
However, you won’t know what amount you are eligible for, unless you visit your local Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to find out more about Ohio Child Care Assistance, also known as Title XX.

Best Child Care Center Toys And Games

Best Child Care Center Toys And Games
Parents dread the first time they have to leave their child at a child care center.  They wonder if their child will be safe, if they will be cared for, and even what kind of Child Care Center Toys And Games are available.  Thankfully, a simple tour of the child care center will help provide parents with information and piece of mind, especially when considering the play things available.
When it comes to developing the skills a child needs, both for school and for life, some play things are simply better than others.  The best child care centers will have a good stock of safe, durable toys and games, designed to bring out the child's creative side.
The toys available should include things like:
  1. Building blocks
  2. Kitchen sets
  3. Toy food
  4. Train sets
  5. Dolls
  6. Card games
  7. Board games
  8. Math games
  9. Construction toys
  10. Anything that teaches as the child plays

Child Care Center Toys And Games For Learning and Creativity

The very best childcare center toys and games allow for maximum learning and creativity. For example, computerized games maximize learning as they inspire creative thought. They are built to be durable, safe, and educational. Such games also build good eye-hand coordination.
Playing a computer game can help the child learn typing skills as well as teach them math, reading, history, science, or other academic skills. The childcare center should place a limit on the amount of time each child can spend on the computer. TV time should also be limited.

Natural Toys and Games For A Child Care Center

Today parents and professional day care centers are also turning to toys and games made using natural products. The reason why is simple. The products are safer because they do not contain any of the harmful dyes or chemicals seen in so many of the imported items.
Child Care Center Toys And Games using natural products:
Sand Art.
Children can be as creative as they want to be with some ordinary sand. Simply take a plastic box, dump the sand into the container with a bit of water, and let the child build a castle, or make some roadways --whatever they desire.
Home Made Paperweight
Kids can make their mom or day a great looking paperweight using a couple of smooth rocks and paint. The best paint to use is water-based.
Just about any shape or design can be made using ordinary leaves and glue. These are great to make during the holidays. Kids can make a wreath for Christmas, or an even a witch for Halloween.
Make an old bed sheet into a flag using markers and some creativity. Cut the sheet into 2 foot by 3 foot pieces and let the kids have fun. They can make a flag for a newly discovered world, or one for their campground.
Wooden toys are what your grandparents use to play with and they are making a big come back today. These types of toys are safe, durable, and cheap. The non-toxic paints insure years of use.
Puzzles made using recycled paper are also making a big comeback. They help children learn problem solving, eye-hand coordination, and build confidence. The recycled materials help the environment.
See 20,000 more toys and games made using natural materials at the Melissa and Doug website.   
One thing to remember is that child care center toys and games should be frequently cleaned.
It is also important for children to have access to art supplies.  These include typical paints, markers and crayons.  The child should also have access to other materials such as clay, beading supplies, collage materials and other, less common materials, to develop creativity and hand eye coordination.
Age appropriate games are also important for child development.  For younger children, lacing beads and cards and games that use counting, simple words or direction following skills are best.  For older children, a board game can teach essential skills.  Trivia based games are great for teaching facts to all age groups.    
Outdoor toys are essential for developing gross motor skills.  Access to swing sets, bikes, scooters and balls allow the child to develop skills such as walking, running, throwing catching and pedaling.  This is especially important for children with delays or disabilities.  The center should always have basic safety rules in place and workers should be certified in CPR and first aid.
Leaving a child in daycare is stressful.  Within a few days, however, goodbyes will be easier and they will run off to play with their friends. Finding a Child Care Center with the best Toys And Games will make this process easier and safer.


From all of us at Janasko Insurance Agency, we hope these tips on Toys and Games At A Daycare Center is helpful.

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Ohio Day Care Center

Which Ohio Day Care Center Is Best 

A baby is the most important person in a mother’s life, and that is why there is usually reluctance when it is time for her to go back to work. It is not that the new mother doesn't enjoy her job, but she is usually hesitant about putting her baby in a child care center.

The reluctance of leaving your baby with a stranger is difficult, especially if you do not know what to look for when it comes to the safety of your child in a day care center.

That is why most people will rely on the opinions of other parents when it comes to choosing the best day-care center for their baby. Though this is a great way to find a child care center, you should still do your own research before placing your child in a child care center.

There are many things to look for in a child care center but one of the most important for your child's health is to make sure that the workers are paying attention to the children at all times. In the state of Ohio, day-care centers are constantly being monitored by both the state and parents to make sure they are following guidelines.

As a result of the constant monitoring Ohio day-care centers are making sure that they continuously meet the state guidelines that have been set. This should help any parent's decision in what Ohio day care center will take the best care of their child while at work. 

As a parent when deciding on what Ohio day care center to choose for your child one of the first things to look for is the ratio of children to teachers at the center. This will help you to determine as a parent if your child will be given the attention that he needs and deserves while you are at work.

Furthermore, make sure that there is not a noticeable smell of dirty diapers as you enter the different rooms inside the center. While smelling for signs of the center not being sanitary observe how the staff members interact with the children, especially with the children who are being disruptive.

Taking notice how the teachers interact with children who are disrupting the class will help you to realize that your child will be treated in the same manner if he decides to act out at some point throughout the day.

Noticing the little things that are going on at whatever Ohio day care center you decide to visit will help you to make an informed decision about where you will leave your child while working. 

  Attention childcare providers and Ohio Day Care Centers. You can lower your insurance premiums starting today. Use the more info box above or call us at 1.440.245.6268 to find out how and talk to a live person! 

How To Start A Home Based Child Care Business

Starting a home based child care business

Starting a home based care care business in your home is not that hard to do. However, it does take some planning. After all, Rome was not built in a day. Plus, you want your new business to be safe and profitable.

In today's job market many families are taking in children as an extra sourse of income. Even retired grandmothers are seeing the benefits of working at home with children.

This is a win-win situation for the person offering the child care as well as for the parents who would like to have a better environment for their children during the day. A stay-at-home mom can provide that extra attention to the children in her care because she is not babysitting as many children as a child care business. Grandmothers can offer children an entire lifetime of experience and teaching.

Truly, starting a home based child care business can be rewarding for the kids, the parents, and the owner.

Here are some things to consider before hanging out your child care business shingle.

  1. Do you have the extra room?
  2. What licenses are required in Ohio and from which agencies?
  3. What types certification do you need?
  4. What are the child-care needs of your community?
  5. Check on zoning and any other legal issues.
  6. Estimate your startup costs for toys, cots, blankets, games.
  7. What is your plan for accident and illness?
  8. What kind of insurance coverage will adequately protect you and the children in your care?

Most homeowners insurance will not cover you, your property, or the children, if you are charging for child care services. That is why the folks at Janasko Insurance Agency and West Bend have developed a special policy just for in-home child care providers. It makes starting a home based child care business easy and affordable. For more information on this special insurance program just for in-home child care providers use the more info box located at the top right.

Liability Insurance For Day Care Center In Ohio

Liability Insurance For Day Care Center In Ohio

When you need Liability Insurance for your Day Care Center in Ohio, call a name that everyone trusts. That name is, Janasko Insurance Agency. They have been providing the very best insurance products for two generations now. They have a complete line of special indemnity products just for daycare center operators. These policies help child care owners save money without sacrificing coverage.

How can the agents in Ohio save you so much money on liability insurance? Simple, the representatives at Janasko have done a lot of research into each individual company and the policies they offer. They take in to account many different factors. Among them are things like price verses coverage, how old the company is, and` what kind of customer service do they give, just to name a few. They actively look for the maximum amount of protection available at the lowest possible price. When they find the ideal indemnity coverage at the right cost, they report the service to you, their customer.

Keep in mind, however, only the very best of the best indemnity companies met the rigorous criteria. They must also provide you with fast friendly claims service when you need it. All of this is how they can offer the very best protection in the child care industry --for less money. Likewise, only the very best day care services can qualify for these huge savings. In some cases, a qualified childcare service can save up to forty percent on their yearly protection. They will receive all these benefits without having to cut back on their damage or redress security. No more sky-high deductibles either.

The truth is this; you work hard for your money and your comminity and that is why you need to save on your insurance. The folks at Janasko want to help you same money today.

So when you need the very best indemnification for your Child Care Center in Ohio, but at the lowest possible cost, call Janasko at 1 877 239 2324 now. Find out how Liability Insurance For Day Care Center In Ohio does not have to cost an arm and a leg. If you do not have the time to call simply click the More Information link to fill out your name and email address. Someone will contact you to discuss your needs. It is best to hurry because availability is limited. This savings ends soon.

How to Hire Child Care Workers In Ohio

How to Hire Child Care Workers In Ohio

The first thing to do is place an Ad in the paper and online.

Then, interview the potential candidates. Select the employee that you feel is best suited for your company. Keep in mind, however, there are several laws in Ohio that limit what employers can ask during the interview process.


The applying process normally consists of publishing the job opening and taking applications. Each help-wanted Ad needs to have an standard equal employment opportunity statement at the bottom. Discrimination guidelines prohibit some questions, particularly the ones that extract details not related to the job, unless the employer is mandated as part an Affirmative Action Program under request from the state, national, or community FEP organization.


The interview process normally requires a discussion and some reference checks. Ohio discrimination regulations prohibit employers from requesting a number of questions through the employing procedure. For instance, inquiries regarding an individual's age, incapacity, childbearing plans, past and other questions that are not related to job are prohibited. Every one who conducts reference checks must have a working familiarity on the laws that govern hiring.


Federal and Ohio disability guidelines compel clear affirmative obligations on businesses to make sure that the disabled have a fair chance to engage in the employing procedure. If some pre-employment testing is run, then sensible accommodations should be ready to those candidates who have need of them. Also, the usage of testing or supplementary standards related to the necessary duties for the job being filled shouldn't be used, as they could tend to be discriminatory toward disabled applicants.

Drug and Alcohol

In Ohio, drug and alcohol testing is permissible.

Background and Reference Checks

Companies that use external organizations to execute background checks have to go with federal credit-reporting regulations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This requires specific disclosures and information be offered to candidates.

Other Records

Employ of third party vendors concerning credit history, arrest records and additional issues are ruled and controlled through the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. Care #should be# used to follow the guideline when conducting these inquiries.

Notice that arrest conviction record checks and background checks are mandated beneath Ohio law for a number of childcare workers including child care companies; head start organization; preschool personnel; all school personnel; child day care vendors; neighborhood care services; residence care companies; hospital care companies; rest home personnel; adult care facilities; and direct care companies.


All employers are required to verify that every new hire is either a U.S. citizen or authorized to work in the U.S.

Be sure to get our free book, The Circle of Safety. Learn how to save up to 37.5 percent on your childcare insurance. Simply click the More Information button located at the top right, or call Janasko Insurance Now to start saving. 1.440.245.6268
We hope this How to Hire Child Care Workers In Ohio has been helpful.

Green Cleaning Products For Child Care Center

Use Safe Green Cleaning Products At Your Child Care Center

Green Cleaning Products For Child Care Center

The modern child care center is realizing the benefits of Going Green today. In the process, they are saving money while also helping the environment. However, there is another benefit to going green that is often overlooked. Using green cleaning products for child care center is healthier.

A growing body of evidence suggests that harsh chemical cleaning products can do more harm than good. For instance, Wayne Sinclair, MD, Allergy, Asthma & Immunology writes, Petroleum based chemicals can cause serious health problems over time. Research shows this can occur from exposure in the workplace - home and also from many consumer products.

This is why so many child care centers want to protect their children by using eco friendly cleaning green cleaning products. Natural products are just as effective at cleaning and disinfecting surfaces as their chemical counterparts are. Moreover, since the price of oil has risen they are now cheaper or cost about the same.

Below are green cleaning products for child care center resources.

Healthy Schools Network Starter Package. Includes companies and products that have been evaluated by independent third-party agencies and organizations: (518) 462-0632.0

Center for New American Dream (CNAD), list of products,
CNAD, 6930 Carroll Ave., Ste 900, Takoma Park, MD
20912, 301-891-3683

Green Seal, 1001 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 827, Washington,
DC, 20036-5525, (202) 872-6400. See, See Choose Green reports.

Environmental Choice Program, c/o TerraChoice Environmental Marketing, 1280 Old Innes Suite 801, Ottawa,
Ontario K1B 5M7, Canada, Call toll-free: 1-800-478- 0399,
or visit for green rated products

Save money, live healthier, and protect the environment, by using eco friendly cleaning green cleaning products for child care center

Nutrition At A Child Care Center – The Right Vitamins and Minerals

Nutrition At A Child Care Center

It seems every time we pick up a newspaper there is another article about childhood obesity, diabetes, or disease. The number of cases has been rising at an alarming rate over the last few decades. Therefore, parents and care providers, we have to ask ourselves what could be the cause. A contributing factor will be lack of proper nutrition at a child care center. Young children need specific dietary requirements that give their bodies what they need to resist illness. The human immune system is a marvelous machine, but like any other machine, it needs proper care to ward off disease. One way to care for the immune system is to eat a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Proper nutrition is of a concern for most professional child care centers today, because they know the children under their care will eat up to one-half of their meals at the facility. The healthy food they serve can play a key roll in helping to prevent disease. They can ensure the kids get the right vitamins and minerals in their diets.

One way to do this is by taking advantage of the materials at They have assembled a tremendous amount of resources to help facilities plan well-balanced and nutritious meals. They begin their series with the basics. This is where they discuss the various food groups and offer valuable tips and resources.

All the materials come in PDF format, which can be printed or saved. Then, they move on to more detailed dietary requirements about nutrition at a child care center. They even have some great interactive tools for teaching children about proper nutrition and the importance of vitamins and minerals. food

Another resource about healthy food that help parents and child care providers prevent disease is located at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web site.

Child Care Facility Food Environment

State licensing regulations that ensure child care facilities maintain healthy food environments can help instill healthy eating habits. Indicator National Data State regulations restrict sugar drinks in child care centers and family child care homes 2 states State regulations require access to drinking water throughout the day in child care centers and family child care homes 27 states State regulations limit television and video time in child care centers and family child care homes 18 states

The full report can be downloaded here,

The folks at Janasko Insurance believe Nutrition At A Child Care Center is very important. Vitamins and Minerals along with proper nutrition will go a long way toward helping to prevent children from acquiring disease. Serving nutritious food at child care facilities along with taking vitamins and minerals at home will help parents and daycare providers keep their children healthy.

Information On Child Care Vouchers In Ohio

Here is important Information On Child Care Vouchers In Ohio

The state of Ohio has an exciting Child Care Voucher Program (CCVP) for working parents. The process to apply is simple and fast. It includes eligible children under 13 who are at a Baby-sitters, Child Care Center, Latch-key program, or Summer Day Camp.

Read more about this great program for parents at the Child Care Vouchers In Ohio LINK

How To Control A Child’s Behavior At A Childcare Center

Tips On How To Control A Child's Behavior At A Childcare Center

Owning a child-care center today is not easy today. An administrator has to wear many hats in order to make their business successful. One of those hats is dealing with difficult children. The truth is this; a day care operator lays the foundations for the future success of their children. One way they can do this is to learn some tips on how to control a child's behavior at a childcare center.

The first thing they can do to reach this goal is to teach their children how to get along with others. Before going to daycare, most children were the center of their parent's universe. The entire world revolved around only them. However, now they are in a day care facility so they must learn how to be part of a group. This can be challenging for the child in the beginning and a nightmare for the operator.

For instance, some kids will become very distraught when they are first separated from their parents. They may cry for hours on end. This is understandable, but it can be a great source of stress for the teacher. The new student's behavior could cause the other students to follow suit. Soon the entire class is crying.

One childcare operator said she became so upset over her children crying that she sat down in the middle of the floor and began to cry with them. As funny as this sounds, a few of the children started to laugh. Then a few more started to laugh until the entire class was laughing –including the new arrival.

The moral to the story is do not underestimate an unorthodox approach during difficult times. Therefore, the first tip for controlling difficult behavior is to think outside of the box.

Another tip on how to control a child's behavior in a childcare center is to never underestimate a good bribe. Bribing children for good behavior has gotten a bad rap over the years. Some people believe it this is the worse possible method for teaching good behavior. However, when bribery is used correctly it can work just like positive reinforcement.

B.F. Skinner is the researcher who first articulated the major constructs of reinforcement and behavior. His first model used both positive and negative reinforcing factors. They are:

Appetitive stimulus: a pleasant outcome
Aversive stimulus: an unpleasant outcome

What it boils down to is bribery, or positive reinforcement, can work as a tool to help childcare center operators control difficult behavior in their class. Place some cookies on the edge of a desk. Once the desired behavior is consistently reached, the cookies can be passed out. Soon, the new behavior will become habit and the cookies will no longer be necessary.

Likewise, negative reinforcement can be used in-between the positive reinforcement to control minor problems. If two children begin to fight, stop them and send them to the corner for a time out. However, under no circumstances is the teacher to ridicule a child in front of the class as a form of punishment. This can damage the child's self-esteem and it does nothing to solve the behavior problem. In fact, it could cause the problem to get worse.

Finally, communicate plainly with the children. Tell them what you expect and why you expect it. They understand much more than we give them credit for. Most children will respond positively to the right form of communication. Remember though, they are younger then school aged children. Therefore, some of them may have to be told the same thing repeatedly until they finally remember it.

Here is some other information on how to spot typical preschool behaviors from actions that are worthy of concern.

We have also prepared a great book on how to save money on various types of insurance, including your childcare center insurance.

All you have to do is send for this free information by clicking this link: Save On My Insurance Now

The folks at Janasko and West Bend Insurance are eager to help you to save money while protecting your childcare center today.

We hope theses tips on how to control a child's behavior at a childcare center was helpful.