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Playground Safety At Daycare Centers

Playground Safety At Daycare Centers
Public, private and Daycare Center playgrounds are responsible for hundreds of accidents and injuries to children each year. Proper precautions could prevent many of these injuries. Since falls, equipment hazards and entrapment are the major playground safety problems that affect children, evaluating the layout for Playground Safety at Daycare Centers is as crucial as the equipment itself. It is also a good idea to elvaluate protective surfaces in the yard
Children present special challenges for parents and Daycare Center personnel due to their tendency to use play equipment in unexpected or unintended ways. While children need the freedom to test their skills and abilities, a play community needs to be created and implemented with age-appropriate designs and playground safety in mind.
Hazards to Children
Hazards that interfere with a quality playground experience include many variables. Some of these playground safety problems include some of the following:
  • travel to and from the area
  • sun exposure
  • slope and drainage of the ground
  • type of material used beneath play equipment
  • equipment spacing
  • drop offs or cliffs that could be dangerous
Bare metals on slides, steps or platforms can be responsible for burns. Puddles or slippery materials such as wet grass can threaten playground safety as well. Think about supplying adequate shade through equipment design or using trees and large bushes to protect children from sunburns. Keep debris cleaned up to avoid falls, fill in flooring materials that have slid or created pockets for puddles, and do not place slides and metal equipment in the sun.
Playground Safety Design Matters
Children of different ages naturally have different skills and abilities. This needs to be kept in mind when designing playground safety precautions. Equipment endangers safety when children run from activity to activity, or when merry-go-rounds, swings or slides sit too close to a sandbox, walkway or each other. Playground safety design and equipment should encourage children to develop new skills, but it should also fit their developmental level. A child who stands up at the bottom of a slide could be hit by another child jumping out of a swing.
Adequate Supervision
Quality supervision depends on the adult’s knowledge of childhood behavior. While parents can check for broken equipment, dress their child appropriately and watch for unsafe horseplay, they might not understand particular playground safety measures such as why they should encourage their child to go down the slide in the forward position. Although adequate supervision is essential to keep children safe, playground safety at daycare centers depends on the design of the play field too.
We hope these tips on Playground Safety At Daycare Centers is helpful.

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