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Example Menu For Daycare Centers

Best Nutrition Using Example Menu for Daycare Centers

The truth is about one in five children in the United States is considered obese. This condition can lead to other health problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Part of the problem is what kids are eating. Therefore, it is wise for a childcare center to follow an example menu for daycare centers.

Nowadays primary and secondary schools are working hard to provide healthier food choices by using example menus. Menus can be found at places like the National Food Service Management Institute. They offer a wide range of information and training on early childhood nutrition too. In fact, they even have free archives and example menus for daycare facilities.

In addition, they also provide lessons on menu preparation, which includes how to expand meals and use a cycle menu, how to link menu development to grocery purchasing, and how to produce healthful, nourishing menus that meet USDA CACFP Meal Pattern requirements.

More recommendations come from the Institute of Medicine. They say consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables, with no fried foods, and no Trans fats is the key to good health. One percent milk is also recommended for children over two, along with more whole grains at each meal.

Another consideration is removing processed foods. They are nearly devoid of nutrients and vital enzymes because of the manufacturing processing. While these types of foods are convenient, they are not always going to be the healthiest. Therefore, it is better to have whole fresh foods for the kids rather than packaged, canned, or pre-cooked meals. A good example menu for daycare centers will have fresh and whole foods listed only.

More model menus for daycare facilities include a rotation schedule of the same meals. This helps daycare owners control their food costs while also providing healthy varieties. For instance, there is the 21-Day case set of choices for daycare meals. The Child Food Program has some great ideas. For those folks that want an ever-broader range of meals there is the 6-week Example Menus for daycare.

Owning a childcare center is not easy. However, with the right system and a little bit of planning a daycare operator can provide their children with the best meals possible while sticking to their budget. All they have to do is be a smart shopper and take advantage of the many free archives and example menus for daycare facilities.

Another way they can save money is by shopping for better insurance. The folks at Janasko Agency have collaborated with West Bend to help daycare owners save on their coverage. In many cases, they can save up to 37.5 percent per year. Use the more information box on the right to receive more info.

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