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Day Care Sanitation Guidelines

Day Care Sanitation Guidelines As parents of small children in day care know, sanitation is a number one concern when deciding which child care facility to use.  Small children are more susceptible to diseases caused by germs than adults are.  
This is especially true in Ohio during the winter months because people are in such close proximity with windows closed to keep the cold out.  Because of this, parents need to know how well their day care center is being sanitized.
While the sanitation guidelines may vary from city to city, county to county, and state to state, there are some basic rules that are the same across the board when it comes to day care cleanliness.  
Cleaning and maintaining a safe environment is the main goal.  Each employee on staff at the child care center is responsible for cleaning and looking for any potentially hazardous situations and attempting to prevent exposing the children in their care to danger.  
Main areas of concern are lavatories, diaper changing stations, and areas set aside for children who become ill.  All surfaces throughout the center should be hard and nonporous and easily cleaned.  
Each diaper changing station must include hand washing area for child care center employees to use at each diaper changing.  Lavatories should be free from clutter and the fixtures should be well maintained and clean.  Spills should be cleaned up immediately with a sanitizing solution.  
In the ill child areas, the cot, vomit receptacle, and any toys or other objects must be cleaned and sanitized after an ill child has finished using the area.  Other children must be kept away from both the ill child and the ill child area.
Ohio State guidelines for sanitation are very specific and strict.  Everything from the playground equipment to eating areas to the lavatories are covered in detail.  The regulations, which are distributed to the centers, go into great detail on how to properly clean an area to ensure germs are killed and the children are kept out of harm's way.
Parents can be assured that there are a set of regulations pertaining to the cleanliness of the center where they choose to send their children for care and it it monitored by the state.



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