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Best Child Care Center Toys And Games

Best Child Care Center Toys And Games
Parents dread the first time they have to leave their child at a child care center.  They wonder if their child will be safe, if they will be cared for, and even what kind of Child Care Center Toys And Games are available.  Thankfully, a simple tour of the child care center will help provide parents with information and piece of mind, especially when considering the play things available.
When it comes to developing the skills a child needs, both for school and for life, some play things are simply better than others.  The best child care centers will have a good stock of safe, durable toys and games, designed to bring out the child's creative side.
The toys available should include things like:
  1. Building blocks
  2. Kitchen sets
  3. Toy food
  4. Train sets
  5. Dolls
  6. Card games
  7. Board games
  8. Math games
  9. Construction toys
  10. Anything that teaches as the child plays

Child Care Center Toys And Games For Learning and Creativity

The very best childcare center toys and games allow for maximum learning and creativity. For example, computerized games maximize learning as they inspire creative thought. They are built to be durable, safe, and educational. Such games also build good eye-hand coordination.
Playing a computer game can help the child learn typing skills as well as teach them math, reading, history, science, or other academic skills. The childcare center should place a limit on the amount of time each child can spend on the computer. TV time should also be limited.

Natural Toys and Games For A Child Care Center

Today parents and professional day care centers are also turning to toys and games made using natural products. The reason why is simple. The products are safer because they do not contain any of the harmful dyes or chemicals seen in so many of the imported items.
Child Care Center Toys And Games using natural products:
Sand Art.
Children can be as creative as they want to be with some ordinary sand. Simply take a plastic box, dump the sand into the container with a bit of water, and let the child build a castle, or make some roadways --whatever they desire.
Home Made Paperweight
Kids can make their mom or day a great looking paperweight using a couple of smooth rocks and paint. The best paint to use is water-based.
Just about any shape or design can be made using ordinary leaves and glue. These are great to make during the holidays. Kids can make a wreath for Christmas, or an even a witch for Halloween.
Make an old bed sheet into a flag using markers and some creativity. Cut the sheet into 2 foot by 3 foot pieces and let the kids have fun. They can make a flag for a newly discovered world, or one for their campground.
Wooden toys are what your grandparents use to play with and they are making a big come back today. These types of toys are safe, durable, and cheap. The non-toxic paints insure years of use.
Puzzles made using recycled paper are also making a big comeback. They help children learn problem solving, eye-hand coordination, and build confidence. The recycled materials help the environment.
See 20,000 more toys and games made using natural materials at the Melissa and Doug website.   
One thing to remember is that child care center toys and games should be frequently cleaned.
It is also important for children to have access to art supplies.  These include typical paints, markers and crayons.  The child should also have access to other materials such as clay, beading supplies, collage materials and other, less common materials, to develop creativity and hand eye coordination.
Age appropriate games are also important for child development.  For younger children, lacing beads and cards and games that use counting, simple words or direction following skills are best.  For older children, a board game can teach essential skills.  Trivia based games are great for teaching facts to all age groups.    
Outdoor toys are essential for developing gross motor skills.  Access to swing sets, bikes, scooters and balls allow the child to develop skills such as walking, running, throwing catching and pedaling.  This is especially important for children with delays or disabilities.  The center should always have basic safety rules in place and workers should be certified in CPR and first aid.
Leaving a child in daycare is stressful.  Within a few days, however, goodbyes will be easier and they will run off to play with their friends. Finding a Child Care Center with the best Toys And Games will make this process easier and safer.


From all of us at Janasko Insurance Agency, we hope these tips on Toys and Games At A Daycare Center is helpful.

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