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Useful Tips for Purchasing Child Care Insurance

How To Purchase Child Care Insurance

When looking to purchase insurance for a child care center, it is extremely important to select the proper child care insurance for you child care center. All child care insurance coverage is not the same and there are different types of programs to choose from. The right child care insurance will cover and fully protect when accidents happen.

There are different types of accidents that can occur such as a child injury inside or outside on the property, water damage or pipes bursting in the facility and a devasting storm could come through and damage the property as well. The child care insurance is offered to licensed child care centers, nursery schools, preschools, Before and After school programs, child day care centers and many other types of child care facilities.

Tips on purchasing child care insurance:
  1. You will want to make sure that the insurance company is well known and check with the "BBB".
  2. Does the insurance offer any type of a high crisis response team who will step in on unexpected conditions.
  3. Will the insurance company offer your child care center advice on how to make a safier place. Not only just for children, but for the staff as well.
  4. The liability coverage is very important. Will it cover for any type of sexual abuse, all injuries for its staff, its visitor's and children? If you are sued for any type of reason, will you be covered?
  5. Licensed insurance companies are only recommended and always make sure that the insurance coverage is for the location of you facility.
  6. Another very important part of is to do your homework and make sure that prompt handling of claims are done. You want an insurance company that is on top of things and not beating around the bush or setting things aside.
  7. Make sure that the insurance company that you select is financially able and stable enough to pay out on the claims that may be made.

By following all of these important tips, this should help you have a great start on selecting the best insurance for your facility. Each child care facility is different and there are many different types of programs offered.

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