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Summertime Safety Tips For Day Care Drivers

Summertime Safety Tips For Day Care Drivers

Summertime is a great time for family fun because many folks are doing their favorite outdoor activities like going to the beach, or attending parties. Some of their activities require driving, which is why we put together some safety reminders for summertime fun.

As we all know, children are out of school this time of year and playing in their yards near the street. They could suddenly dart after a ball and perhaps get injured in an accident. This is why drivers need to be more mindful about watching out for children while driving in a residential zone.

Therefore, our first tip is to always follow the recommended speed limit in a residential zone and to always be ready to stop quickly when necessary.

In addition to children being near the street, adults will be using the side of the road for bicycling, skating and walking. We should also watch carefully for them when driving on the street or pulling out of the driveway.

Our second tip is to remember to check your mirrors, the side of the road, and other areas around the car for pedestrians or bicyclers when driving or backing up.

There are more motorcyclists out on the road during the summer too. Motorcycles are smaller than cars, which means people fail to see them at times.

Our third tip is to keep a watchful eye out for motorcycles

High temperatures and road delays can lead to fatigue, stress, and aggressive driving. To reduce your chances of being involved in a road rage incident remember to use common courtesy and consciously avoid actions that can provoke other drivers.

Also, take steps to reduce your own stress. Try to understand why other drivers are behaving the way they are. Think about the consequences of your behavior before you react to their negative behavior.

Our third tip is to watch for aggressive driving. Don’t be a road-rage statistic.

More aggressive driving at

Summer is also a busy time of the year for road construction. Expect delays and detours. If you live in Ohio be sure to check these web sites for construction zones and anticipated delays.

Our fourth tip is to remember that fines are doubled when traveling in a work zone. Slow down and be careful. Road construction areas are the source of many dangerous accidents today.

Finally, be sure your insurance coverage is adequate. Many people are shocked when they find out after an accident that they are not covered for certain expenses like towing, car rental, or even enough medical.

These days even a small accident can result in large damages. This is why it is wise to have a professional agent periodically check your policy declarations and limits.

The folks at Janasko Insurance Agency are experts at locating the best coverage for their clients, but at the lowest possible cost.

We hope theseSummertime Safety Tips For Day Care Drivers help to keep you and your family safer this summer!

Would you like to speak with an agent about checking your policy and lowering the cost of your driving insurance? Give Janasko Insurance a call now at 1.440.245.6268 or visit our website at

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