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Ohio Child Care Assistance Title XX

Ohio Child Care Assistance Title XX
One of the biggest problems any single parent faces is child care. Today, more and more married couples find themselves dealing with this tough situation, especially if they are low income familes. Now there is help. It is called Ohio Child Care Assistance or Title XX.
At times the problems incurred by the difficulty in finding affordable home care, can cause a parent to want to give up on the idea of finding or getting a job.
But there are options and the very best of these in the state of Ohio can be found at the department of Job and Family Services.
Often, parents stop looking for work or decide not to continue with their education because of a lack of childcare options. In truth, there are very adequate options in the  state of Ohio, but many parents just don’t know where to go to find them.
As a single parent, even one who may work at home or goes to school, you should know that the state of Ohio can help with child care expenses.
However, options vary and are dependent on the income you make, whether you are considered low-income, and whether you are a single parent or not. So each individual case must be analyzed individually.
The best place to start is by calling the Department of Job and Family Services (CDJFS) in your community. The county family services employee can inform you of the programs you are eligible for, which can either pay child care services in totality or partially.
This department can also inform you of special school aged programs like after school programs, head start or other services which you are eligible for. If your child is not school aged, there are still options available including full coverage of a home provider (either a relative or non-relative.)
Of course, in most cases you can expect to pay for part of the expenses of child care. This is called a co-payment or fee, but the state of Ohio will also help you with part of this fee. The amount you are expected to pay will differ and be dependent on your income and whether you work or go to school.
In the case of students who are currently on Ohio Works, formally known as OWF, ADC or welfare, you could still be eligible for child care, but must be actively enrolled in a school program.  
Those parents who no longer receive OWF cash assistance, or who have never been on the program can still receive help through the child care program, if they meet the low income requirements.
However, you won’t know what amount you are eligible for, unless you visit your local Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to find out more about Ohio Child Care Assistance, also known as Title XX.

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