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Mission Statement For A Child Care Center

Mission Statement For A Child Care Center
A mission statement is concise statement that outlines the objectives, goals, and outlook of a business or organization. Mission statements can be found in everything from handbooks of Fortune 500 companies to websites of many Internet businesses.
An organization or business that does not have a mission statement is seemingly a business or organization without a clear plan and goal. Therefore, when parents are considering using a daycare business, a childcare center or an in-home childcare service, they should look for and read the mission statement carefully.
The objectives of a childcare center  should be clearly outlined in their Mission Statement For Daycare Center. This action will clearly allow the parent to know the intended goals that the center has for their children and themselves. Failure to include these objectives or to have a mission statement at all could demonstrate a lack of cohesion or direction within the foundation of the center.
A day care should have a mission statement that clearly states who their stakeholders in the organization are intended to be. Hopefully, these stakeholders will include the workers, parents, children and the community within which they operate. By placing these groups as stakeholders, the day care center is clearly identifying who they are most interested in caring for and to whom they provide services.
When a day care offers a mission statement that includes a clear outlook for the operation of the organization, it leaves little room for interpretation. This is vital to the prospective parent because it allows them to understand the day care center’s outlook on childcare and the implications this outlook should have on their children. Without a mission statement, the outlook of the day care center can only be assumed from observation or conversation.
Example Mission Statement For A Child Care Center 1
The XYZ Childcare Center exists to provide a safe, developmentally appropriate environment for preschool and school age children. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early care and education experience, which promotes each child's social/emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal is to support children's desire to be life-long learners.
Mission Statement
Example For A Child Care Center 2
The mission of the XYZ Care Center is to provide safe, affordable, high quality child care for the students of Hudson Valley Community College and the community. IN doing so, we support families in their efforts to reach their goals. The Viking child Care Center provides a cognitively based program for children ages six weeks to five years. We provide a home like environment where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace. The Viking staff is committed to the families we serve, providing support and encouragement.
Or, you can Build Your Own Mission Statement For A Child Care Center at this link:



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