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Child Care Insurance

Save on child care insurance with Janasko and West Bend insurance companies.

Liability Insurance For Day Care Center In Ohio

Liability Insurance For Day Care Center In Ohio

When you need Liability Insurance for your Day Care Center in Ohio, call a name that everyone trusts. That name is, Janasko Insurance Agency. They have been providing the very best insurance products for two generations now. They have a complete line of special indemnity products just for daycare center operators. These policies help child care owners save money without sacrificing coverage.

How can the agents in Ohio save you so much money on liability insurance? Simple, the representatives at Janasko have done a lot of research into each individual company and the policies they offer. They take in to account many different factors. Among them are things like price verses coverage, how old the company is, and` what kind of customer service do they give, just to name a few. They actively look for the maximum amount of protection available at the lowest possible price. When they find the ideal indemnity coverage at the right cost, they report the service to you, their customer.

Keep in mind, however, only the very best of the best indemnity companies met the rigorous criteria. They must also provide you with fast friendly claims service when you need it. All of this is how they can offer the very best protection in the child care industry --for less money. Likewise, only the very best day care services can qualify for these huge savings. In some cases, a qualified childcare service can save up to forty percent on their yearly protection. They will receive all these benefits without having to cut back on their damage or redress security. No more sky-high deductibles either.

The truth is this; you work hard for your money and your comminity and that is why you need to save on your insurance. The folks at Janasko want to help you same money today.

So when you need the very best indemnification for your Child Care Center in Ohio, but at the lowest possible cost, call Janasko at 1 877 239 2324 now. Find out how Liability Insurance For Day Care Center In Ohio does not have to cost an arm and a leg. If you do not have the time to call simply click the More Information link to fill out your name and email address. Someone will contact you to discuss your needs. It is best to hurry because availability is limited. This savings ends soon.

Information On Child Care Vouchers In Ohio

Here is important Information On Child Care Vouchers In Ohio

The state of Ohio has an exciting Child Care Voucher Program (CCVP) for working parents. The process to apply is simple and fast. It includes eligible children under 13 who are at a Baby-sitters, Child Care Center, Latch-key program, or Summer Day Camp.

Read more about this great program for parents at the Child Care Vouchers In Ohio LINK

How to open a Childcare Center in Ohio

The Department of Education in Ohio has many resources on How to open a Childcare Center in Ohio.

They also license daycare centers for public and charter schools. Ohio regulations focus mainly on the safety and health issues of children in licensed daycare centers.

There are two types of Daycare Center that are approved to do business in Ohio. The first one is Daycare Centers caring for seven or more children.

The second type is Daycare Centers caring caring for school age children from kindergarten and up. These too, are for 7 or more children.

To clarify, there is the Type A Home, which is 7 to 12 children, (or 4 to 12 kids if 4 they are under 2 years of age and cared for in the provider's own home. The provider's own children who are under the age of 6 years of age must be included within the total count mentioned above. Type A homes must be licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Read more at the link below.

The Type B Certified Child Care Provider has 1 to 6 children in the provider's own home. They can watch no more than three children under the age of two. The babysitters own children under six years must be included in the total count. Anyone can operate a Type B Home without a license. However, to care for more than six kids will require a license.

Moreover, they should carry child care insurance, which is the most important part of how to open a childcare center in Ohio. Many parents will request proof of liability coverage.

The Type B Homes must be certified by the individual County's Department of Job & Family Services when the child care is paid for with public funds.

If you are interested in becoming a certified Type B Home, please contact your local County Department of Job & Family Services or visit

Finally, the person must be at least 18 years old to open a Childcare Center in Ohio. They also must have a high school education and carry the proper insurance.

A training program has been approved by Human Services. The Program is for Adults and it requires 5 courses and 3 electives be completed for a total of 160 credit hours.

The trainings are held throughout the state of Ohio in the licensing field office regions. Specific locations and details are outlined on their website, which is listed below. Training dates are updated quarterly and the information taught helps folks know how to open a childcare center in Ohio.


Further information on How to open a Childcare Center in Ohio and to receive your Free Special Report please use the Rush More Information link to the left. For forms, training, and licensing regulations visit the the State of Ohio Website below:


Ohio Department of Job & Family Services
Bureau of Child Care and Development
255 East Main Street, 3rd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-5222
Phone: 614-466-1043
Fax: 614-466-0164 or 614-728-6803
State of Ohio Website - How to open a Childcare Center in Ohio

Ohio Child Care Center Cleaning Check List

1. Make sure floor mats are cleaned daily with a sanitizing solution.

2. Hardwood and Carpet Floors cleaned daily and sanitized

3. Bedding and sleeping cots cleaned daily and sanitized.

4. All Child care bedding is in good working order. Check weekly

5. All A/C and Furnace filters cleaned weekly

Child Care Center Health and Safety Check List

1. First aid supplies stored properly.

2. Each telephone has the poison control, fire, and emergency medical care numbers posted.

3. Toilet rooms clean, well lit, free from odor, ventilated and in good working order daily.

4. Storage areas are safe, uncluttered, and have the proper clearances.

5. Medications stored properly and out of children's reach

6. Maintain a pest control routine

5. Water source approved and properly maintained.

6. Sewage and wastes disposed correctly and properly maintained.

7. Garbage properly disposed of daily.

Infant and Toddler | Day Care Center | Child Care Center Cleaning

1. All toys are cleaned and sanitized daily and are safe.

2. Toys and craft items are non-toxic

3. Potty chairs are properly cleaned and sanitized.

4. Disposable towels for cleaning and sanitizing.

5. Hand washing sink for the diaper changing area.

6. Health policies approved and posted.

Best and Cheapest Sanitizing Solution for cleaning a Child Care Center

Use a bleach concoction for general cleaning with 1/4 cup unscented bleach for every 1 gallon of water. This is for heavily dirtied areas. Make the solution fresh daily because it loses strength quickly. Discard the unused portion at the end of the day.

Other soiled areas are cleaned using an anti bacterial soap, water, and a rag. Rinse clean with damp rag. After all of the dirt and grime is removed, spray them with the bleach solution to disinfect. Then, wipe again with a clean damp rag and allow the area to air dry.

Scrub toilet bowls everyday with the bleach solution too. Wipe the bowl all the way to the floor. Also, scrub and disinfect the sinks daily. It is a good idea to wipe the bathroom walls with the bleach solution once per week.

Always use gloves and safety glasses when handling bleach.

Fire Prevention at Child Care Centers

Fire Prevention Plans and Fire Safety Inspections at Child Care Centers Ohio

Spring is a good time of year to check your child care facility for fire safety. Inspect all of the the fire detectors and fire extinguishers to insure both are in good working order. If the smoke detector fails have it replaced by a qualified electrician. If the fire extinguishers fail to read properly on the gage, habe them replaced them or serviced. Fire safety inspections at a child care center should be done twice per year. Little lives, (and big ones too), depend on it.

The truth is a fire can happen at any time. If the building is older it should be inspected more frequently. Wiring and hot vent pipes can frequently fail and they are a good source for fires. Moisture damage can also lead to a fire when it is around electrical fixtures. So look at all of the light fixtures for signs of rust.

Below are some fire safety suggestions for fire prevention at child care center.

Storage areas at a child care facility should be kept clean and clear to not create a fire hazard. Old paper should be boxed or discarded.

18 inches of clear space around all sprinkler heads. It is easy to accidentally cover up a sprinkler when decorating.

Non-sprinkled areas should have a minimum of 24 inches of clear space below the ceiling. Anywhere there are boxes stacked high would be a good place to check.

Insure All exit signs are clean and clearly illuminated

Corridors and hallways should have at least 44 inches free clearance. More if there are persons in a wheel chair working at the day care center.

Check all exit doors are in good condition

All Meeting rooms should have an occupancy certificate approved by the Fire Department and specifically inspected for Child Care Centers

Finally, have a plan. Post it on the walls so everyone knows it. Periodically run fire drills and check the time it takes to safely remove all occupants. Try to improve the time on each practice drill.

Day Care Center Evacuated After Fire

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. -- A Johns Creek day care center was evacuated Thursday morning after a small electrical fire, officials said.

According to fire department spokeswoman Rosemary Taylor, the fire started in a closet at the Discovery Point Child Development Center on Jones Bridge Road near State Bridge Road.

Firefighters quickly put out the fire, Taylor said. No injuries were reported.